Defending tradition includes fearlessly speaking out to support the teachings of Christ and His Church.


Who would not defend themselves, their family, and their home from invasion or harm? Jesus Himself instructed His disciples to carry a sword to defend themselves from enemies. (Luke 22:36)


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According to tradition, this did not mean Jesus advocated violence, but rather, He knew His enemies would persecute and seek to murder His disciples like they did to Him, so He wanted them to be prepared to defend themselves. Jesus knew He came to offer His life up as a sacrifice, so He had to die, but He wanted His disciples to continue living to worship God and live a sacramental life, as well as help spread the gospel to all nations. God has always provided His people with protection and with instructions on how to defend themselves against their enemies, such as when the nation of Israel was instructed to "take" possession of the land of Canaan that God promised to Abraham and his descendants. The land was occupied by seven strong pagan nations that engaged in idol worship and child sacrifices to their pagan gods. It was Joshua who lead the charge to claim the land, drive out the enemies of God "with a sword" to rid the land of pagan worship and prepare it for worshipping the true God. This was not contrary to the Fifth Commandment. (Exodus 20:13-click here) There are no contradictions with God. Likewise, our Lord Jesus instructed His disciples while on earth to defend their faith by upholding tradition and speaking out against heresies, false teachings, and to oppose those who falsely "claim" to be His disciples. As the apostle Paul said, "our fight is against principalities and powers, against the rulers of the world of this darkness, against the spirits of wickedness in the high places." (Ephesians 6:12Paul was a defender of tradition, a warrior and soldier for Christ. The warfare Christians face today is far more challenging then any time in history due to people's minds being blinded by materialism, modernism, and lying propaganda to where they can't see the truth staring at them in plain sight due to indifferentism and apathy. 

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Misinformation and confusion continues to circulate about the Catholic Church particularly since the Second Vatican Council from 1962-65 resulting in a "modern" Rome vs the ETERNAL Rome of strong Catholic tradition since the time of Christ and His strong faithful apostles. This will be discuss on the page called "ROME", pg-3. As a result, many have turned away from the Catholic Church in record numbers since the late 1960's, and for good reason, seeing the erosion of faith and moral decay within this "new modern" Rome. Still others continue to believe in the false myths and legends that enemies of the Catholic Church put forth, such as "myths" of Catholics "burning enemies at the stake" in the middle-ages, or that the Church authorized cruel unjust "Inquisitions" torturing unbelievers, and that the Church sanctioned "unholy bloody crusades" slaughtering people if they didn't convert to Catholicism. That's absolute non-sense. The crusades were waged because of invading army enemies of towns, villages, families, Churches and monasteries thought they could just march in and take want they wanted without any recourse. Christians have always had the right and duty to protect their families, the belongings and their Churches from marauder-bands of enemies. In the early and middle-ages of Europe, there were no national armies to protect people and property. This is one reason, most cities, towns and villages in Europe for centuries relied heavily on the Church to guide them and guard them. This is why the Popes not only allowed, but promoted crusading knights as armies to protect Catholics from pagans, Muslims and enemies of the Church. There are countless historical records on the truthfulness of what the crusades were all about, and from non-Catholic sources. All one has to do is research such websites as, But there are many more. As our Lord Jesus said at Matthew 7:7, "Seek and ye shall find", and that was not a suggestion, but a command for those of "good will" searching for truth.


Finally, many unbelievers are under the mistaken notion that Catholics worship "idols", such as statues of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Saints and even Jesus. These distortions of facts will also be addressed in detail on this website pointing to credible historic records and direct statements from many of the 260 faithful Popes prior to Vatican II, the 33 Doctors of the Church, countless theologians, and saints dating back to the first few centuries; and, of course, apostolic teachings from sacred scripture, both the Old and New Testaments. There will be a clear distinction between the lies the enemies of the Church put forth and the truth of history, and of what the Church herself says on these matters. You will discover for yourself things you may have never known before; things such as "Predestination", "Geocentrism", "multiple heavens", and "EENS" (note in background of page), and much more. Catholicism is vast. Throughout this site the (Douay Rheims-click) version of scripture is used exclusively for reasons detailed on the "Introductory" page.         

(John 21:25-click) ... if everything Jesus did and said while He was on earth, "were written, the world could not contain the books that should be written."


The Vatican library alone contains well over 1.1 million printed books and 75,000 codices (original handwritten documents). The treasures of tradition in the Catholic Church include not only apostolic teachings of sacred scripture from both the Old and New Testaments, but just as vital, all of "implicit traditions" as well, that is, traditions you will not find in "the Bible", things recorded by saints over the centuries that the Holy Fathers have sanctioned as part of "ordinary tradition", revealing such things as the "immaculate conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary", the "Holy Trinity", and much more. The collection of studies included in Catholic Church tradition also includes the works of scientists such as Copernicus, Gassendi, Biot, and Galileo, to name a few. The Catholic Church also has detailed accounts of all the "heresies" that have threatened the Church over the past 2000 years, including one of the most modern heresies, "ecumenism", we now see in "modernist" Rome. (Click here)


Thanks to the prophets, patriarchs, Kings and Priests of the Old Testament who passed down "tradition" through the ages, their record stands as a testament of how God's grace supplied His people with knowledge of the universe back to the beginning of time, the creation of the celestial bodies, of heavenly and earthly creatures, and matter itself. And when God the Son came to earth as Jesus Christ, His grace formed a new creation on earth, His earthly kingdom, His Holy Church. This is what King Solomon spoke of in (Ecclesiasticus 24-click) as a beautiful maiden, the bride of Christ. 

There is no way any one person could possible discover the entirety of God's wisdom in a lifetime, much less on this modest website which contains mere breadcrumbs leading to Catholic tradition as highlighted in the "Table of Contents" on the Introduction Page.

(2 Thessalonians 2:14-click)

For those who were born "Catholic" and have lost their way, walked away, or been scandalized from walking the path, they would be well to remember St Peter's words at 2 Peter 2:20-22 ~

"For if they (Catholics)... get entangled in the world and overcome: it would be better for them not to have known the way of tradition, than after they have known it, they turn back from that which was delivered to them." 

If you do read the contents of this website and visit the links within, I guarantee you three things:

1.) You will discover things that few have taken the time to learn. It may be that "You don't know what you don't know." And that applies to all of us. It's simply an acknowledgement that there are things we need to learn about in this vast realm of Catholic tradition.


2.)  You will discover things that may surprise you, disturb you, and even shock you. Why? When you were taught things in the past and then find out they're not true, it can be disturbing. At first we all have a tendency to not want to accept that we've been lied to. Most people simply accept the lies to avoid the discomfort and stress of change. Most folks "go along to get along". That can be dangerous.

3.)  Your understanding of the traditions of the Catholic Church will become even more clear, and your paradigm of life itself will change ~ for the better. You will discover deeper things of the mind of God that Isaiah spoke about. (Isaiah 55:8) "His ways and His thoughts are higher than our ways and our thoughts." And Jesus promised, "my (Jesus) yoke is sweet and my load is light". 


The information herein touches on matters of philosophy, science, religion, politics, history and our own nature. It will enlighten you, encourage you, and even inspire you to delve deeper into God's thoughts and into the wondrous traditions of the Christ's "universal" Catholic Church.


If you are Catholic, the information herein should well within you a deep sense of pride that God has given us His divine grace, that we are citizens of His earthly kingdom, His blessed Church and the riches God has extended to us. This should also awaken within the desire to renew our vow to not only believe in God's purpose for mankind, but to continue in the battle to fight against God's enemies by maintaining tradition everyday by our words and our deeds. This is no time to cower under peer pressure and remain silent in fear of reprisal. As our (Lady of Fatima's vision-click here) revealed in 1917, "multitudes of souls are falling into Hell like snowflakes because no one is praying or willing to sacrifice for them." As CATHOLICS we must wake up and get back into the battle while there is time.


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The "Introductory" page, (next page) will lay a foundation for what is to follow throughout the site and give you a glimpse of the subjects to be discussed mentioned on the "Table of Contents".

"The Reward is in the Journey"



This website is dedicated to my wife, Mary Lane, who patiently introduced me to the Catholic Church over a course of years due to my own personal resistance, and to my first born son David, who shared the history of Catholic tradition after he embraced Catholicism. Now I enjoy sharing Catholic tradition with all three of my sons and their entire families, including my sister. They now all attend the divine traditional Latin Mass and embrace Catholic tradition and live a sacramental life.


My aim now is to charitably share these treasures of Catholic tradition with others in my family, friends, and acquaintances who express interest in learning more about what our Lord left us within His Holy Catholic Church, so they too may discover for themselves the wondrous truths and splendor of our Lord's gospel along with the blessed sacraments, and attend the "Tridentine Latin Mass" in your area. You will not find any attempt to request donations. Each local parish tends to its own needs. Our Lord said, "you've received freely, give freely". This site is strictly a means to share information about Catholic tradition and to defend it. THE REWARD IS IN THE JOURNEY.